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We are looking for bright curious young people who love to learn. Inspiring teaching, a huge variety of activities, great learning spaces and a warm supportive community do the rest.

What grades do I need? 
We are one of the highest-achieving Sixth Forms in the UK. As a guide, we would expect students to be predicted top grades in all subjects to be studied at A Level or for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.
Will I need a reference? 
We always ask for a current school report and reference and these are taken into account, together with the entrance tests and interviews.
What level of English do I need? 

We expect students to have at least 6.5 in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) academic writing by the time they join us.

You may also need to sit our ‘English as an additional language’ entrance test which takes place at our Sixth Form. In some cases, remote testing, combined with a Skype interview, may be possible.

What if you make me an offer? 
Overseas applicants who are awarded a place will be made an unconditional offer. This is essential for any Visa application sponsored by our Sixth Form.
Can I request a scholarship? 

You may apply for scholarships but you must be able to attend the relevant scholarship assessment days in Cambridge.

Honorary scholarships may also be awarded to overseas students who are unable to attend the assessments. These will be based on performance in written aptitude tests and interviews.


Usually admissions tests and interviews take place in Cambridge. In special circumstances remote testing and interviews can be arranged.