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Across Dame B's our clubs and activities help children to gain new skills, discover new interests and to find new friends.

Clubs are held before school, during lunch and after school. They offer a chance to push boundaries and explore more activities than we can cram into a normal school day.


clubs in Pre-prep 

A typical range of clubs and activities for Pre-Prep might include:


  • Football skills 
  • Mini tennis 
  • Running
  • Multi-sports skills

Art and craft

  • Art and craft 

Performing arts

  • Choir 
  • Ballet
  • Drama 


  • Mandarin 


  • Wildbunch
Clubs in Prep
Below is a list of some of the clubs and paid activities that are typically available. New clubs are regularly introduced and sports clubs vary depending on the time of year. 


  • Badminton 
  • Cricket
  • Football 
  • Girls’ Football 
  • Hockey mixed
  • Mini Tennis 
  • Netball 
  • Rugby 
  • Running

Art and craft

  • Black sew Years 
  • Structured Doodling 
  • Cross-stitch 
  • Fashion and Textiles 


  • Beginner violins
  • Brass ensemble
  • Be in a band
  • Cello group
  • School chamber choir
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Wind band
  • String group

Performing arts

  • Ballet 
  • Dance 
  • Drama
  • Musical theatre 


  • DT 
  • Extension maths
  • Homework
  • IT skills 
  • IT skills 
  • Prep/Mathematics (most days)
  • Science Investigation Challenge


  • Latin
  • Mandarin 


  • Eco-green
  • Gardening


  • Chess coaching
  • STEM
  • Patterns and Puzzles
  • Chess
  • Lego
  • Mini MasterChefs

Parent information

In the second half of each term a list of clubs is sent to parents for each year group from Year 1 upwards. Parents are asked to submit their child's preferences, and club allocation is confirmed before the start of the following term.

The majority of our clubs are free and are run by our teaching staff, but a small charge is levied for some of those which are run by specialist teachers and coaches.

"The wide range of activities available adds to pupils' broad experience and is felt by the pupils to make an enjoyable and important contribution to their school life."

ISI Report 2015