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Medical information

It is important that parents provide the School with full information about their child’s medical needs and updates as appropriate; this includes dietary requirements. The School treats all medical information confidentially.

Any pupil who requires individual medication must keep this in school, in accordance with the Foundation Medicines Policy. This should be provided by his/her parents and be named with clear instructions for administration. Such medication will be safely stored in the Junior School First Aid Room.

Medical care

Occasionally a pupil may not be well enough to attend school or s/he becomes unwell during the course of the school day. Any pupil who becomes unwell or has an accident whilst at school will be taken to the Junior School First Aid Room.

The First Aider on duty will be called and s/he will determine what treatment/course of action is required. If the pupil concerned needs to go home or needs treatment at the Accident and Emergency Department, the parent(s) will be notified.


A pupil who is unwell in the morning should be kept at home to enable him/her to make a speedy recovery and to minimise the spread of infection. Following Health Protection Agency guidelines anyone who has diarrhoea and/or vomiting should remain at home for at least 48 hours once symptoms have ceased.

Healthy pupils are able to make the most of a day at school but it benefits nobody if a child attends school whilst unwell. Of course, making arrangements to care for a child who is unwell may be difficult but it is in the child’s best interests. On his/her return to school, a pupil will be given guidance regarding any work that should be completed.

If your child is unable to attend school, the Office should be notified of the reason and the anticipated duration of absence by 8:30am, via telephone 01223 454700 or by email If a pupil is unaccounted for at morning registration, the School Office will contact the parent(s) to ensure that s/he is safe. 

If your child is absent for more than one day it would be appreciated if the absence could be confirmed each morning.  Kindly inform the Junior School Office if your child has been absent with a specific illness or significant injury, so that his/her medical record can be updated. 

A doctor’s certificate is not required after an infectious or contagious illness, but parents should ensure that a doctor has agreed the child may return to school and also inform the Junior School Office of any infectious illness so that other members of the school community can be alerted, if necessary. 

Administration of medicine 

On occasions, pupils are well enough to return to school but have not completed their course of medication. The School is not obliged to administer medicine but is willing to do so if a parent completes the appropriate form. The administration will be as per guidelines set out in the Foundation Medicines Policy; copies of which are available, on request.

Head lice 

Parents are requested to inform the Junior School Office if their child has nits or head lice. On receipt of this information, a letter containing advice on appropriate methods of treatment will be issued to the parents of all members of the year group concerned. 

Healthy eating 

We are committed to encouraging our pupils to make healthy choices at meal times and for snacks.

Through the teaching of Science and PSHEE the children learn about which foods contribute to a balanced and healthy diet. This is reinforced and put into practice by well-planned and nutritious lunch menus.

All meals are freshly prepared in school by our catering team who meet individual dietary needs and monitor what the children eat. 

Breakfast snacks and drinks

Available for the children in the Hall from 8:00am to 8:20am; payment is required when they are served.

Mid-morning snack 

The children are encouraged to have a healthy mid-morning snack and drink. Members of Year 6 assist the fruit tuck shop; the children require some pocket money if they wish to purchase anything.

Tea (Late Stay)

There is also a tea of sandwiches and fruit available, for children who remain in Late Stay after 4:30pm. The charge for tea is incorporated in the Late Stay fee. 

There are a number of water fountains in school which the children may use during their break times and they are encouraged to bring a water bottle for use during lessons. 

The Junior School is a nut-free zone and parents are reminded that this applies to break snacks, packed lunches and birthday cakes.


Junior School pupils have more than two hours of timetabled Sport per week and in addition many attend extra-curricular physical activities. 

The children are also encouraged to be physically active during their outdoor breaks; our playground has a variety of equipment, which is very popular all the year round, and considerable use is made of our Latham Road sports ground for break times, as well as lessons.