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We have a Health Care Practitioner and Counsellors to look after the physical and emotional well-being of our students. These professionals are available for your child throughout the school day.


If a student is taken ill in school, they will be taken to the Health Care Practitioner. Students may not visit the Health Care Practitioner during lesson time or during Assembly or Form Time without permission from a member of staff.

Students must not visit a sick friend unless invited to do so by the Health Care Practitioner. 

Only the Health Care Practitioner or senior staff can send a student home in such circumstances. If your child contacts you complaining of feeling unwell, please contact the Health Care Practitioner or the School Office immediately. In this situation, students should always be seen.

When a student has been absent through illness for three consecutive school days, the Pastoral Leader is notified so that, if appropriate, arrangements can be made for work to be sent home.

Please inform the Health Care Practitioner if your child has been absent with a specific illness or significant injury, so that she can update her medical record.

Games and PE

If a student is well enough to be in school but not, for any reason, fit to take part in Games lessons, our policy is that they should attend the Games session as a spectator whenever possible. If this is not possible, arrangements will be made for them to spend the time profitably in school. We do not consider it appropriate, under normal circumstances, for a student to attend school in the morning and go home during the Games period.

Prescribed medicines 

Prescribed medicines may be brought into school in the container as dispensed by the pharmacist. Pupils may not carry their own medication (with the exception of inhalers and epipens) and should take it to the Health Care Practitioner for safekeeping. In these circumstances, please contact the Health Care Practitioner to advise her of the necessary details. Where a student is prescribed an epipen, inhaler or similar medical aid, it is vital that an up-to-date spare is provided for safekeeping in school. 

Simple over-the-counter remedies, such as Paracetamol, are available from the Health Care Practitioner.

We are a nut-free school for the sake of students with nut allergies. 


Our Counsellors are contracted through ‘Relate’. They provide free, confidential counselling for students at lunch and morning break as a drop-in service. Other sessions can be booked at the request of the Pastoral Leader during the school day. 

Students are encouraged to seek their parents consent to attend counselling sessions, however this can be waived if circumstances dictate and the student is deemed 'Gillik competent'.