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Music lessons

Individual instrumental tuition

Individual music lessons in school are provided by self-employed private teachers who are approved by the School and are subject to a separate contract between the parents and the peripatetic teacher.

The lessons take place during the school day on a rotating basis, so your child will miss one subject lesson each week for his/her music lesson.

Lessons are available on the following instruments:                       

Woodwind Strings Brass Keyboard   Other
Flute Violin French Horn Piano* Guitar*
Oboe Viola Trumpet   Percussion*
Clarinet Cello Trombone*    
Bassoon* Double Bass* Cornet*    
Recorder*   Tenor Horn*    
Saxophone*   Euphonium*    

*The instruments marked with an asterisk are not available for hire from the School. Other instruments may occasionally be available, on a first come, first served basis. If you wish to hire an instrument, please contact the Director of Music to enquire about availability.

For certain instruments, your child’s age and size may need to be taken into account when deciding whether s/he is ready to begin lessons.

If you would like your child to learn any of the instruments listed, please complete the appropriate form and return it as soon as possible. 

Due to the fact that instrumental lessons are taught during the school day and it takes time to adjust to going out of class, pupils in Year 3 are strongly advised to take only one instrument; pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 may take a maximum of two instruments or one instrument and speech lessons.

Speech lessons 

Speech lessons are quite distinct from class Drama lessons and are currently available for pupils from Years 4-6.

This is a very popular activity and the children enjoy working in small groups of up to five, with others from their year group. Parents have a private contract with the Speech teacher and are charged for ten lessons per term. Lessons take place during the school day and are timetabled on a rotational basis.

Pupils who take speech lessons have the opportunity to refine their communication skills and focus on self-presentation. The lessons promote a spirit of teamwork, foster an appreciation of literature and poetry, and also enable pupils to develop skills in public speaking. As the children mature they learn how to receive and respond to critical appraisal and this, in turn, leads to increased self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence. 

The skills, techniques and confidence acquired in lessons are demonstrated in an after-school recital. The focus of the Spring Term is preparation for LAMDA examinations; the children are entered for an exam at the most appropriate level, subject to parental consent, and they gain a huge amount from the experience of having their performance assessed by an external examiner. 

Pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 may take speech lessons and lessons on one musical instrument or lessons on two musical instruments.

If you wish your child to discontinue music or speech lessons please note that a term’s notice must be given in writing (or fees in lieu).