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Find out about the structure of our day, plus practical information about arrival, food and our Late Stay provision.

Arrival at Madingley Pre-prep 

Please enter the buildings by following the path to the right of the front door into the playground. The children go straight into their classrooms and you are very welcome to take your child into the class to help them settle and get organised for the day.

In every class there is a place for the children to store their book bags and their mid-morning snack.

snack and lunch time

Please provide a healthy snack for your child this could be fresh or dried fruit, vegetable sticks, crackers, bread sticks, rice cakes or cereal bars.

Please do not send any nuts, products containing nuts or kiwi fruit as we have children with allergies to these. Milk and water is provided but the children are welcome to bring their own water bottles.

Lunch time 

Every day there is a choice of a hot meat or vegetarian dish. There is a different choice of dessert each day; fruit and yoghurt are always available as alternatives to this.

View our lunch menus

End of the school day and clubs 


If you are collecting your child at the end of the school day or after a club please make your way into the playground where the class teacher, or club teacher will bring your child to meet you. 

If someone different is collecting your child who is either named on the emergency contacts list or the class teacher has met, please inform the  class teacher in person or in the Communication Book.

If you need to make arrangements for someone different to collect your child during the school day please email the school office.

If the person collecting your child has not met the teacher and is not on your emergency contacts list then they will need to bring a form of identification with them and we can only release the child into their care if we have received written confirmation from parents, an email is sufficient.

Late Stay 

Please book for your child to attend Late Stay in the Communication Book or via email by 3.30pm on that day.  

If your child is staying in Late Stay after 4.30pm there is a tea of sandwiches and fruit available, when making a booking please indicate what sandwich filling your child would like.

If you are collecting your child from Late stay at Madingley please ring the doorbell of the door at the main entrance.

Our day at Madingley

In Kindergarten, parents can choose between morning or all-day sessions. All of them include lunch. By the time they get to Reception, the children are ready for a full school day.


Madingley Pre-Prep


School open – early morning activities


Registration – Kindergarten, Reception, Year 1 and 2


Phonics session


Lesson 1




Bell and snack


Lesson 2


Lesson 3


Lunch break

Lunch-time clubs




Lesson 4


Lesson 5


Assembly or Lesson 6


End of the school day


Clubs and Late Stay


End of clubs


Late stay closes