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The Dining Room is open from 7:45am onwards. Breakfast is available, if required, at a nominal cost. Students must not be anywhere else on site other than the Dining Room before 8.10am.

Please ensure that your child is at school by 8.25am so that he/she can be in their Form room by 8.30am promptly. Please note that the streets around school become very congested during the morning rush hour.

If your child has an early morning activity, e.g. a music lesson or ensemble, they must register at the activity. If, for any reason, they arrive late to school, they must sign in at Reception immediately upon arrival.

Morning break

Drinks and snacks may only be consumed in the Dining Room or the garden. There is a tuck shop in the Dining Room every day at morning break.

Lunch break

Every day there is a choice of a hot meat or vegetarian dish. Soup, salads, pasta and jacket potatoes are always provided. There is a different choice of dessert each day; fruit and yoghurt are always available as alternatives to this.

Every Monday we have 'meat-free' Mondays to encourage students to try a range of vegetarian food, and support the School's ecological ambitions.

If a student has a club or other activity at lunch time and does not have time to queue for lunch, they may go to the sandwich counter in the Dining Room and pick up a sandwich lunch (choosing from sandwiches, salad or pasta pots, yoghurts, dessert pots and fruit). They must eat this in the Dining Room or garden unless a member of staff has given permission for it to be taken to the club/activity.

Drinking water is available from dispensers in the Dining Room.

End of the day and Late Stay

Afternoon lessons end at 4.00pm. Students then return to their Form room to collect books needed for homework. All students are expected to have vacated classrooms by 4.15pm.

For students who have to remain in school, a Late Stay facility is available each day until 6.00pm. Students must not be on the premises after 4.15pm unless in the designated Late Stay room or in a club/activity under the supervision of a member of staff. All students must sign in when they arrive at Late Stay and sign out before leaving school premises. 

A number of activities take place after school, such as drama and music rehearsals. These activities are always supervised by a member of staff and details are provided on our Clubs and Activities timetable

Sports collection

Sports activities may take place after school at the Games field. If you will be late collecting your child from a sports club or fixture after school, please would you phone them and arrange to meet back at the Senior School site. If you are unable to contact your child directly, please contact a member of the PE staff.

Your child will then return to school where they will be able to remain in supervised Late Stay until 6.00pm.