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Our boys and girls bubble over about the great time they have in school but they're actually learning a lot.

The core curriculum builds their confidence and capacity in literacy and maths and expands their knowledge and experiences with French, music, religious education, PE and personal and social health sessions.

The humanities, science and art subjects are introduced via our termly topic – for example, Up in the air, which allows them to investigate the history of flight, make paper aeroplanes, gather data on birds, visit the Duxford Imperial War Museum and lots more.

Here's some more detail, to give you an idea of what your child could be up to.

Core curriculum

  • English means speaking and listening, learning spellings, handwriting practice, comprehension and grammar, as well as reading and writing. 
  • Maths covers mental maths games, addition and subtraction, multiplication, measurement and more.
  • In French, they're busy learning the alphabet and about the family.
  • Religious education looks at living within moral boundaries, gives an overview of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism and moves on to Bible stories and the Lord's Prayer.
  • Music introduces them to composition, timing, rhythm, singing in groups, individual and group recorder.
  • PE is a balance of games at Latham Road, dance and gymnastics with three PE lessons a week (Sports such as football and yoga are part of our after school programme).
  • PSHEE is about learning how to keep themselves safe in the world around them and online, developing emotions, relationships and communication and coping with personal change.
  • In IT, using technology to support learning is embedded and evident across and within the curriculum.
  • We also have a termly topic where all the skills for Art, Design, Geography and History are taught.

Termly topic - Up in the air

In history, we might investigate Da Vinci's flying machine or ask questions about Greek gods. Science might involve the habitat of different flying creatures and making a model of those habitats.

Art could mean mixing colours to create an accurate painting of a bird's plumage or drawing insects. Design technology could involve designing model aeroplanes or balloon-powered cars and using an iPad to label their designs. We've even got owls visiting the school!

"We used the computer to make an information sheet about a famous person. I liked changing the size of the writing and the type of writing."