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The Stephen Perse Foundation Guide to UK University Applications in the UCAS system - 2017-18 cycle.

In this guide we have tried to answer some of the more common questions that arise about admissions to university. However, we also recognise that you will have individual questions and may require specific information that could not be included in a general guide.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Woodward or your son / daughter’s tutor should you require any further information at any stage.

Choosing courses and universities


UCAS deadlines


Our internal deadlines


Top tips for application success




Additional forms and exams



International Baccalaureate issues


A Level issues


International students


Personal statements


Gap year


How to apply





Contacts and guidance summary

Students talking

Overseas universities

There is increasing interest in applications to North American universities, continental Europe (for example Utrecht and Sciences-Po) and in Hong Kong’s Universities which are some of the highest calibre in the world. Please note that these have different procedures.

Similarly, many UK Art Colleges have their own application system and Music Colleges usually use ‘CUKAS’.


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