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Mr Evans tells all about his children's book, 'Casey's French Adventure'

Published on 12/03/19

Head of Sport at Dame Bradbury's, Mr Evans tells us all about his new children's book and what inspired him to write it. 

Mr Evans tells us what inspired him to write his children's book, 'Casey's French Adventure':

'The idea came around after having written a book about PE teaching a few years ago now. Although I did well at school, sport has always been my thing. Having mentored a newly qualified teacher at my last job, the PE teaching book came about from this.

I then decided that I wanted to write a children’s book. The initial idea was planted in my head during a conversation with a friend about 8 years ago but it was this summer that kick started the process. Having gone away to Thailand for a month, I tried a whole load of new sports and fitness activities whilst meeting new people from all over the world (one of whom actually lost their suitcase on arriving to where we were staying)! I then was prompted to start this children’s adventure book. Having carried out some research with the children in school in recent years, whilst the idea had been floating around in my head, a suitcase seemed to be the popular choice for the main character, and so Casey was born.

It’s been an interesting (and time consuming) adventure for me learning about the process of writing, illustrating and publishing a book. I’ve had to seek the support of professionals to help me along the way. After all who would have thought a PE teacher would write a children's book about a suitcase going on an adventure! I certainly didn’t think I would!

I did an assembly to the children at Dame Bradbury's which hopefully spread the message that no matter what you want to do, no matter who you are, if you have a plan, you ask for support and have the right attitude, you can achieve anything you want.'

You can see the video trailer for the book here.

Casey's French Adventure

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