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Dame B's 'Angel Express'!

Published on 13/12/18

Dame Bradbury's Early Years delighted audiences with their nativity, 'Angel Express'. 

The Christmas countdown started last week with the Early Years nativity at Dame Bradbury's, which this year was called ‘Angel Express’. In the show, a heavenly host of angels hastily form a choir to sing and celebrate the arrival of the new King! Our Angel Paper Boy made sure the audience didn’t miss a headline, announcing important events leading up to the birth of Jesus. The angels had to work together to be ready on time, making sure to persevere and not give up!

Four children dressed up as donkeys for the nativity

The stars shone brightly, the innkeepers were ready and the kings and their camels proudly came bearing gifts. Angel Gabriel led the shepherds and their sheep to the stable where Mary, Joseph and their donkey waited, cosy amongst chickens, donkeys, and cows. Parents, staff and pupils were all immensely proud of the children in the Early Years who showed self-confidence and a willingness to take part and retell the story of the production. Whether they learned and delivered lines, sang the songs, acted or danced, they reminded us all why people around the world celebrate Christmas.

Three children sit on the stage dressed as shepherds

Dame Bradbury's Early Years Nativity

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