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Engineering Education Scheme

Published on 03/05/16

Back in September of 2015, 8 budding engineers met in the design technology department of the senior school and were tasked with designing and producing something entirely new. With no brief other than the requirement to solve a problem, we set about trying to invent something entirely new, with the end goal of presenting it to a team of engineers from successful companies from all areas of the industry. With the help of two engineers from ARM, one team set about designing an automated pill dispenser to assist pharmacists, while the other team attempted to solve a very local problem – bike theft – by designing an electronic bike lock, which could be controlled from a mobile phone.IMG_5498 (1)
Despite a lack of extensive engineering knowledge and a number of setbacks, 6 months later both projects were presented at the celebration day at the university of Hertfordshire, and were very well received by the judges, earning all participants a gold CREST award amongst other awards, as well as lots of valuable experience that would be useful in all walks of life. Despite being a challenging sixth months, the programme was extremely rewarding, and well worth the time and dedication that it took to bring everything together. The teams would like to thank Mr Bett, without whom the entire experience would not have been possible, and also the ARM engineers, whose experience and patience was unparalleled, and integral to turning our many ideas into a reality.

-Will McGuinness
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