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Film Review- 'Goodbye Lenin!'

Published on 19/04/16

goodbye-lenin-1From our Foreign Language Film Club, by Dasha Scanlan Oumow
The film'Goodbye Lenin!' Is set during the fall of the Berlin Wall, it follows the life of a young man who's mother falls into a coma. When she wakes up, the Wall has been pulled down but Alex creates a whole new world to protect his mother from finding out the truth, and so protecting her from a further heart attack. Alex creates a utopian world of the German Democratic Republic, partly to protect his mother and partly to reassure himself that his childhood society can be good. This coming of age story delicately runs alongside the political problems of the fall of socialism in the GDR. Soon Alex's world that he creates in his mothers bedroom spreads to the city as he goes to all sort of lengths to veil the truth, however the careful mastering of the characterisation allows the audience to connect and empathise with Alex's actions. The take-over of Western cooperations such as Coca-cola and Burger King also offers valuable insight into the way they have already infiltrated every aspect of our day to day life, however we have simply grown used to it. The film touches the audiences heart, as it shows that in a world of conflicting ideologies, shifting boundaries and challenging journeys, a mother-son bond can stay strong through it all.

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