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Published on 08/11/16

Jdownloadohn Oliver is a British comedian who is receiving a huge amount of recognition for his impact on the news, politics and current affairs through his show, 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver'. He doesn't identify as a journalist, but is arguably more thorough and informative than several of today's mainstream journalists. He has covered things such as issues concerning net neutrality, the Miss America Organisation not spending as much on scholarships as it claims, or even Argentina's debt crisis. His effect on news has been dubbed "The John Oliver Effect", because of his ability to turn relatively boring topics, that people wouldn't normally want to read about or watch, into hilariously viral phenomena. "The John Oliver Effect" has worked in several instances.

He managed to bring attention to the corrupt FIFA organisation, where he also called out the organisation's poor treatment of migrant workers. He demanded that Sepp Blatter, the president of the organisation step down, and surely enough, he soon did. He also does such bizarre things as founding and legally incorporating a church, in order to prove how easy it is to create a church in the United States in order to receive tax exemptions. Not only that, but he is also incredibly popular, in the US and all over the world. His segment on Donald Trump being unfit to serve as President of the United States was the single most watched piece of HBO content ever (this is a channel that airs shows such as Veep, Silicon Valley and most importantly, Game of Thrones!) His comedy creates a very real world effect, even ceasing government websites, and inspiring legislators to push for new laws. Trust me, this is just a tiny summary of the crazy and amazing things this man has done in such a short time!
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