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Leading Lady: Hillary Clinton

Published on 08/11/16

Why I'd be voting for her (if I could)

On November 8th, in only 8 days time - America will choose its' future. Following the craze that is American politics, it is clear to see the US is divided. Undoubtedly, you have felt involved in this election much more than any presidential debate of the past. Your favourite celebrities may have spoken out, you may have seen videos on Facebook, most likely Trump has been made fun of on a light hearted chat show you watch or maybe you became lost in a sea of youtube videos that enforced personal views on the situation. There are no two ways about it; here in the UK we all seem to be anti- Trump and quite frankly can't make sense of why a man whose name reminds us of a fart and whose talk is no better than that- has come so far in an election. But you only need to cast your mind back to June, to remember Brexit which came as a huge shock to many of us. Politics are unpredictable. It is clear that in a democratic society, if people want change they will vote for an extreme and controversial party to get it.ap_hillary_clinton_jt_151030_12x5_1600

Hilary Clinton is Trump's opponent and over the last 12 months she has received much criticism, however I feel her achievements prior to this should not be over looked. In 1961, aged 14 years old, Hillary Clinton wrote a letter to NASA asking how she could become an astronaut, only to receive the response - women were not accepted onto the astronaut programmes. In high school, she lost an election for class President against two boys. One of them proceeded to tell her:"You are really stupid if you think a girl can be elected president." From a young age Hillary's interest in social justice issues could not be oppressed. This year, she became the first female candidate to be nominated for President by a major US political party; she is an ambassador for female power and female rights; she is a strong minded woman considered a role model to many.

Hillary Clinton got her degree in 1969, then went onto Yale Law school. After the assassination of Martin Luther King, she, as the president of her college's government association, held a two day strike and worked with the black students of the Wellesley college to recruit more black students and faculty. At the age of 21, her hard work and talent in 1 politics was noticed by her professor, he assigned her an internship at the House Republican Conference, the party (that Donald Trump now represents) she had supported thus far in her life. She was shocked by how Rockefeller was portrayed in the campaign and saddened by the disguised racism from Richard Nixon and therefore left the Republican Party for certain and for good.

Later, she founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, a non-profit organisation to benefit children of Arkansas- helping with funding and generally encouraging public policy. She married Bill Clinton, becoming the first lady of Arkansas then went on to be the first lady of the United States. She became US Senator and next, Secretary of State. Clinton never gave up and her hard work represents so many valuable and honourable qualities. Not only is she an outstanding American who has worked hard her entire life and always believed in the right thing, she also happens to be a woman opposing a megalomaniac who puts women down and brags about sexual assault.

Obviously, Hillary Clinton is unpopular among many.

The email scandal has surrounded Hillary Clinton. In 2009- 2013, while Secretary of State, Hillary set up a private email server and used it, rather than the email set up by the government especially to allegedly conceal confidential information. When investigated by the FBI, Clinton and her team denied that any confidential emails had been sent from the private and unofficial server. However, the State Department soon found 2,000 emails which contained classified information and 22 emails were withheld entirely from publication because they were 'top secret'. This was a violation of the law. Hillary Clinton agreed to work honestly with the FBI to uncover the emails, yet she wiped her server clean and was also discovered to be reading a book on how to delete emails. Attorney General Lynch, an Obama political appointee, has the final say on whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton. However, Lynch and Obama have said that neither of them are interested in prosecuting Clinton for her violation of the US law. After this suspicious incident, she is being accused left, right and centre for being an untrustworthy criminal, especially from her opposers.

Despite some of her darker and unexplained history, I personally respect her work and what she stands for, especially regarding social issues. Donald Trump may not have been involved in such things in his past but neither has he been in a position to commit such 2 crimes. He has however,: driven many of his businesses to bankruptcy, been accused of rape and bragged about sexual assault. This election is about voting for the future of the United States and a future led by Donald Trump will be far more shocking and irresponsible than anything that Hillary has done (and let us hope) learned from in her long years of experience.29adad1900000578-0-image-a-7_1434487270628

“You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.” - Donald Trump

This is a normal quote from Donald Trump, objectifying a woman, only valuing her for her appearance - completely sexist and outrageous. Recently, Trump has bragged about sexually assaulting women, claiming it to be "locker room talk". It is shocking that a man who lacks such basic human decency has become so powerful in modern society. The media has clearly seen him put women down time and time again to make himself feel stronger. So many women in the past and present have devoted their lives to fight for simple gender equality yet at the top of American politics stands a man who is oppressing women and treating us, an entire gender, as inferior. This is not politics, this a case of being right or wrong, reasonable or unreasonable, sexist or simply, not sexist.

A good leader should bring his or her people together, not divide them- not for being of a certain religion, nationality or gender. Women are no longer powerless! Women in the United States have a voice and a vote, and I believe that as women, men, parents, teachers and as human beings, all Americans should vote to prevent Donald Trump from being in power. I know that I'm only a 15 years old living in England, not old enough or even in the right country to vote, but it is clear for anyone to see that Donald Trump is unfit to be the leader of a country, let alone the United States, who value freedom and equality for all.

Leti Ryder