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Nature reserve trip

Published on 16/10/19

Written by Elodie.

On 11/10/19, Year 6 spent part of Friday at The Nature Reserve at Latham Road, studying the mini beasts that are just on our doorstep. This included pond dipping, insect identification and lots of other educational activities.

The trip was dampened by the changeable British weather. The temperature was around 16°c, and the ground was very muddy, but raincoats and Wellington boots were sufficient.

 Many enquiries were raised concerning the interesting findings of the flood meadows, stream and woodland areas. Things like leaves becoming more autumnal, and changes in the number of animals found during different parts of the year. Animals and any other living organisms that were most commonly found were bracket fungi, snails and sparrows. Evidence of weevils and hedgehogs was also discovered.

The excursion was concluded in The Eco Classroom with a brief summary of everything that was learnt through medium of PicCollage. 

This visit was very successful, and two others will be made over the course of the academic year.