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Remembrance poetry: On the graves of the fallen

Published on 11/11/20

For Remembrance Day, and as part of their ‘Sticks and Stones’ theme, Year 6 were asked to write a  poem about what Remembrance or war means to them.

Arsalan has written a sorrowful piece on the poppies that grow over unmarked graves:

On the graves of the fallen

Cemeteries filled,
Graves of the lost,
Graves of the fallen.

Fallen by disease,
Lost in battle,
Some great stones without names.

Yet in thy gloom comes, 
The red of poppies my friend.

Solemn gatherings, 
Red poppies on their clothes,
To remember, 
The Soldiers who died in the war.

Thy gloom has been lightened, 
Thy shadow lifted, 
On the graves of the fallen.