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Handy Cricket Tricks

Published on 07/01/22

Cricket can be a very dangerous sport; with rock hard balls flying at high speeds in all directions. These tips will enhance your experience of watching a game of cricket.

Tip number one:
Try and park your car at a minimum of ten metres away from the boundary as the ball might hit your car.

Tip number two:
Following on from tip number one, when you park your car, park it facing forward because it’s a lot cheaper to repair the front windscreen if, remarkably, the ball hits your car.

Tip number three:
Always watch the ball. The ball can hurt you if it hits you at a fast pace.

Tip number four:
Bring a pair of binoculars with you to the match. It can be a great way to watch the ball closely and look at the players’ style if you are looking for improvement.