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Year 5 Peak District Residential

Published on 24/05/23

In early May, the Year 5 students from Junior School Dame Bradbury's and Junior School Fitzwilliam Building embarked on an exciting residential trip to the breathtaking Peak District.

The students were fortunate enough to have a smooth journey from Saffron Walden and Cambridge. They were filled with excitement as they arrived at Hartington Hall, which was surrounded by lush gardens that offered a picturesque setting for their adventures.

One of the most unforgettable experiences of the trip was the rock climbing and abseiling activity at Burbage Edge. The children were amazed by the stunning views from the top of the rocks and felt a sense of accomplishment as they successfully descended down the towering cliffs. With the wind blowing through their hair and the sun beaming down on their faces, they felt exhilarated and alive.

At Combs Sailing Club, the students were treated to a unique and thrilling experience as they built their own rafts and went canoeing. They were required to use their critical thinking skills to construct their rafts and use knot-tying techniques to ensure that they were sturdy and safe. As they navigated the water, they cheered each other on, raced against each other and played games, all while enjoying the stunning surroundings. Though some students fell into the water, they were determined to stay positive and laughed off their mishaps. This activity also fostered teamwork and communication skills, as students worked together to achieve their goals.

The Parsley Hay Loop day out challenged the students' physical and mental stamina as they cycled through wet and muddy terrain. They were determined to complete the route, even when faced with challenging obstacles. Despite the gruelling conditions, they persevered, and their hard work was rewarded with ice cream and hot chocolate, which they eagerly devoured.

At Carlswark Cavern, the students were met with an awe-inspiring view of the steep entrance to the caves. They were required to overcome their fears, put on their head torches, and brace themselves as they descended into the depths of the earth. With the sound of water trickling in the background and the cool air surrounding them, the students marvelled at the beauty of the rock formations and ancient fossils inside the cave. They waded through the shallow water, making sure to avoid slipping on the wet ground. As they emerged from the cave, their boots were filled with water, but they were filled with pride and a sense of achievement.

The Goyt Valley gorge walking activity was a thrilling and challenging adventure that tested the students' physical endurance. They scrambled over slippery rocks and under tree branches, feeling the rush of the cool water as it flowed over their feet. They felt a sense of accomplishment when they reached the beautiful waterfall, and some of them took a refreshing dip underneath it.

In the evenings, the students participated in a range of activities at Hartington Hall, which included raising money for the local area, team-building games, quizzes, and a movie night. They also enjoyed free time to unwind, play board games and relax in the gardens. For many students, these activities were a highlight of the trip, as they had the opportunity to bond with their classmates and create lasting memories.

In conclusion, the Year 5 residential trip to the Peak District was an incredible experience that challenged the students physically, mentally and emotionally. They demonstrated resilience, teamwork, and determination throughout the trip, and many of them stepped out of their comfort zones to try new things. They returned home with a renewed appreciation for nature and the great outdoors and with a sense of accomplishment that they would cherish forever.

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