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Young Enterprise Decor8

Published on 03/08/23

Year 12 student Ashley H tells us about the Your Enterprise company, Decor8, formed by nine Year 12 students.

Our mission is to spread the joy of different festivals by making decorations and ornaments related to them. We held a few sales in school, for Halloween and Christmas. One of our most successful sales was at the Christmas winter fair. We provided a DIY kit of wooden decorations, paints, and paintbrushes, which was very popular among younger children, who tried them out in our workshop there. Also, our Valentine's Day service was a huge success. Customers pre-ordered their secret messages, which were then written on pink hearts and sent the following week with a rose and chocolates.

Finally, to celebrate International Women's Day, we headed to Peterborough for the Serpentine Green YE Trade fair. We sold bracelet kits, and customers could choose the beads they liked.

Setting up these sales was never easy and we faced many challenges throughout the process of preparing them. One of the biggest challenges that we faced was having a lengthy production process for each event. Then we had the idea to sell kits where customers could make the products themselves. One of our biggest highlights was winning the prize for our logo at the area final.

We all learned various skills, especially how to work in a team and to how to best communicate. Ceyla and I also learned how to manage a company as joint MDs. Joe was the company secretary and set up our bank account. Each week we had the advice of our Business Advisor Martin Wooler and our teacher Mrs Coulson. These skills will definitely help our futures. Overall, joining the Young Enterprise Company Programme was one of the best decisions that we all made. If you are interested in knowing how to start and run a business, we would definitely recommend this programme.

Mrs Coulson YE Centre Lead said: “Our new Year 12 students will be hearing about how they can join the Young Enterprise programme from September.

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