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If you are aiming to study a highly quantitative degree at a top university, or if you just love the beauty and elegance of mathematics and want to study lots of different aspects of it, then the Mathematics/Further Mathematics ‘double’ is the course for you.

Further MathematicsYou will be doing a lot of maths over these two years and be challenged intellectually throughout. Whereas the pace may be a striking difference to your previous experiences in the first year, the algebraic complexity steps up a gear in the second year.

If you are tenacious, accurate and enjoy algebraic puzzles, with very secure mathematical foundations, you will probably enjoy this course.

With a core of students often studying many of the same subjects, you will be in a group of like-minded peers, keen to pursue maths for its own sake. 

Course content

The Further Mathematics course includes all of the topics from the Mathematics course, but goes further into each of the topic areas:

  • The Pure Mathematics topics extend the use of calculus further and introduce new concepts such as matrices and complex numbers.
  • The Statistics topics explore a wider range of probability distributions and statistical tests.
  • The Mechanics topics develop the theory to model more complex situations.
  • There is also the opportunity to tackle other areas of maths, not previously met in school, such as decision and discrete maths.


Students will follow the linear OCR Further Mathematics course.  All assessment will be at the end of the two year course.  As well as the three (single) A Level papers, students will take four further papers, each of 90 minutes in length.

These are:

  • Two mandatory further pure maths papers;
  • Two options from a choice of four areas: additional pure, statistics, mechanics and discrete maths.