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We think PSHE and citizenship are valuable preparation for life beyond school. Lessons create a space to discover more about yourself, as well as the wider world.

From looking at the basics of democracy, internet safety and healthy bodies to finding out about balancing personal finances in the future - lessons touch on all aspects of life in the modern world.

We help pupils to build strong relationships, develop positive attitudes and gain an understanding ofJunior school boys and girls in the corridor the similarities and differences between people. They get the opportunity to explore and debate topical issues, while learning how to respect different points of view.

Because they're in a safe and supportive place, they can explore important issues - and leave more confident, independent and ready to face the challenges ahead.

Find out what we do in each year:

Year 3 
  • Myself and my relationships: working together, self awareness, friendships and valuing differences, discuss the Code of Conduct and the Anti-Bullying policy
  • Citizenship: rules and rights
  • Understanding and practising democracy
  • Me and my community
  • Maintaining personal hygiene
  • Money matters: saving and spending
  • Citizenship: similarities and difference
  • How my body works and changes
  • Changing emotions and responsibilities
  • Healthy lifestyles
Year 4
  • Discuss the Code of Conduct and the Anti-Bullying policy 
  • Internet safety
  • Emotions: identify positive and negative emotions, dealing with emotions, compliments and criticism, attitude
  • Global citizenship, diversity and tolerance, understanding similarities and differences
  • Managing change, risk taking, having confidence in new situations, safety with medicines, roads and strangers
  • Preparation for Burwell House residential visit
  • What we put in our bodies and the effects
  • Being safe and dealing with emergencies
  • Coping with change
Year 5 
  • Myself and my relationships: working together, communication, participation, self-awareness, friendships and differences, discuss the Code of Conduct and the Anti-Bullying policy
  • Money matters: personal, family, school and community, decision-making with regard to spending money on one of several conflicting projects or items
  • Raising personal and class self-esteem through class coat-of-arms
  • Corporate and national identity
  • Local elections
  • The Children's Charter
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Decision making
  • Family and friends
Year 6 
  • Introduction to life in Year 6: discuss the importance and expectations of being at the top of the Junior School
  • Preparation for and review of the residential trip to Brancaster, including a session with the school nurse to discuss issues such as personal hygiene and home-sickness
  • Team building activities at Brancaster
  • Discuss the Code of Conduct and the Anti-Bullying policy, look at different types of bullying
  • Friendships and emotions, including looking at positive and negative aspects of risk-taking
  • Healthy and safer lifestyles: understanding what legal and illegal drugs people use, the physical effects of drugs and the skills required to keep oneself safe
  • Communities and identities: understanding what is meant by global citizenship
  • Our political system - discuss current issues
  • The human life cycle - in conjunction with science lessons and talks given by the school nurse
  • Preparation for change and moving to the Senior School

Social responsibility is a core part of our curriculum