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Edexcel 3PEO, 9-1

The GCSE Short Course in PE is available to Year 10 students. This is an exciting course for students who want to take your interest in, and enthusiasm for, sport and physical activity further.

The course will equip you with the knowledge, understanding, skills and values needed to be able to develop and maintain your performance in physical activities. You will also gain an understanding of how physical activities benefit health, fitness and well-being.

course content 

The course is both theoretical and practical in content and you will be expected to participate in two sporting activities on a regular basis either at school or in a club. One of these activities must be a team activity and one must be an individual activity.

The theory unit focuses on applied anatomy and physiology, movement and analysis, health, fitness and well-being and the uses of fitness data. This content is taught through both theory lessons and practical coaching sessions.

The practical assessment in both your individual and team sport requires you to demonstrate your practical skills in isolation and in formal or competitive situations. You must have a good knowledge of the rules, tactics and strategies and be able to perform the skills of these sports to a good level.

There is a 40-minute lunchtime theory session and a one hour theory/practical session after school each week.


The course is assessed in two areas: a theory examination (worth 60% of the marks), and practical assessment (worth 40% of the marks). The assessment for the practical activities takes the form of ongoing observation and an assessment towards the end of the course. 

Sport at Senior School