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Published on 04/05/16

untitled.pngThis week has seen a dramatic change in the Republican election campaign as John Kasich quits, leaving Donald Trump to remain as the most likely, and currently front-running, candidate to obtain the position of Republican  candidate. The winner of this campaign will face the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the American presidential elections later this year.
In environmental news, there has been a wildfire in Canada which has caused devastatioforest_firesn to the city of Fort McMurray, affecting over 1600 buildings and causing over 80,000 to be evacuated. The fire broke out on Sunday and currently continues to rage over 7500 hectares of land. The 100 firemen at the scene now say that they have this area under control, however, the strong winds which are expected to cross the city today are threatening to intensify the situation, potentially causing significantly more damage over the next couple of days.

The UK government has released that the country will be open to taking in more Syrian refugee children who are currently in Europe, with conversations being held over the exact number by the end of the week. Despite the initial argument that taking in refugees who had dangerously crossed from Africa to Europe would entice others to make the syrian-refugee_1.jpgtreacherous journey, they have now agreed that children living in France, Italy or Greece since 20th March will be habited in the UK in due course. Downing street has addressed this change of heart by stating that the "most vulnerable children [are] already in Europe" and therefore they are not "encouraging more to make the journey". The government is also working with charities such as Save the Children in order to provide aid to the people in refugee camps in places such as Calais and those who are still attempting to make the dangerous crossing from Africa to Europe in search of a better life for themselves and/or their loved ones.

In local news, Cambridge's local elections take place this vote.jpgweek with candidates from across the county standing for both each and every party in the election. This event takes place on Thursday however, is definitely overshadowed by the elections for major of London as Boris Johnson stands down after 8 years of holding this position. The new major will be the represent the capital during the EU referendum and the Rio Olympic games in the summer.

Summer is coming to Cambridge this weekend with the weather recording the highest temperatures of the year, reaching 22 degrees centigrade on both Saturday and Sunday.