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World Food Wednesday introduces new cuisines

Published on 10/01/19

World Food Wednesdays brings the Stephen Perse Foundation an opportunity to try new and exciting global foods and cuisines.

The Spring Term sees not only the reintroduction of Meat Free Mondays but also a new catering initiative in the form of World Food Wednesdays.

Whilst we often have food from different cultures in our menus across the Foundation, each World Food Wednesday will focus on a specific country and their cuisine. This will give both students and staff the opportunity to explore that cuisine in more depth and enjoy some new and exciting food.

Our learning philosophy means educating our students not just in academics and exams, but in the world around them. By introducing them to cuisines and foods they may not have tried before, we encourage them to take an active interest in other cultures and countries. As a Foundation we value both diversity and inclusion, and this means representing the nations that some of our students are a part of.

Some of the countries we will be visiting include Vietnam, Kenya and Brazil, with dishes including bánh mi chicken, Kenyan beef stew and feijoada.

The menu for the next few months is available here, and we are eagerly looking forward to our first World Food Wednesday on 23 January.

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