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Year 5 are visited by Judge Downes

Published on 05/12/19

Year 5 at Dame Bradbury's were pleased to welcome His honour Judge Paul Downes to school recently as part of their work on Crime and Punishment.

Judge Downes told the children about his life as both a barrister and Judge, working in both the Crown and High Courts. The class were fascinated with his information on how sentencing works and how a judge has to listen very carefully to both sides (the prosecution and the defence) of the argument to  ensure that a fair trial is heard.  As you might imagine though, for many the highlight of the talk was the chance to try on the duty and ceremonial wigs and gowns worn by a judge!  Huge thanks to Judge Downes for taking the time to come and speak to us and to our pupils for being such an attentive and participatory audience.

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