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Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial

Published on 20/01/20

By Jet

This half term we have explored the topic Sticks and Stones. It is all about global conflicts and where they happen. We are especially learning about World War 1 and World War 2. We also learned about the Syrian Crisis happening right now!

I found this particularly interesting because it started as a small dispute and is now a large conflict with people dying everyday! I went to the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam a year and a half ago, and there was an exhibition of photos of Syria which showed all the good things, which most people in the world don't realise because of the war, the things that are good included: beautiful centuries old architecture and people eating amazing Syrian food.

In English we learned about Wilfred Owen's tragic life story and read his most famous poem about the horrors of war. Us ourselves had a go at creating our own poems about Remembrance, which are on the Year 6 Blog. The best part of this topic ,personally, was the trip to the American Cemetery in Madingley. Firstly we went inside and were told what we were going to do, we were split into three groups and went separately around the cemetery in our groups.

Our group went to The Wall Of TheMissing. The Wall Of The Missing had the names of all the soldiers whose bodies were not found. There was about 3,200 names on The Wall Of The Missing.

We were then given names of soldiers who were not on The Wall Of The Missing but in the cemetery itself. We all found the person we were looking for. It was great fun! We also found out that a grave that said “ A Comrade In Arms Only Known By God Rests Here” this meant that the person who had died wasn't recognised so they couldn't put a name on their grave.

This has been the start of a journey of knowledge I can't wait to learn and read more about the conflicts of the world.