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Head of creative and design engineering works with community group to help make and distribute PPE

Published on 28/04/20

Caty Wynne-Powell, Head of creative and design engineering at Dame Bradbury’s, took 'Elvis' Dame Bradbury's 3D printer home with her upon the closure of the school knowing that she wanted to try and support key workers by making PPE. 

Joining a local group of like minded people, Caty set to work having to learn new coding skills to print the visors. Aided by women in her village who cut and hole punch the visors, Caty then delivers them to 'quality control' where they are checked before being delivered to care services.

The group Caty has been a part of have delivered their visors to an extensive list of services including Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Hertfordshire Children’s Services, SASH, St Christopher’s Hospice and many local surgeries and care homes.

Caty was especially pleased when a Stephen Perse parent in search of PPE for their surgery got in touch with the group as she was able to deliver an order to her personally.

We would like to say thank you to Caty for her determination to help the wider community using her new found 3D printer coding expertise!