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Gouache painting

Published on 07/01/22

I started painting with gouache in summer 2020. My mum encouraged me to try new things out, I tried painting. As you can see, I got into painting with gouache.

I tried painting different landscapes and seascapes, they actually all turned out quite well; when I tried painting objects they were awful. My first brush was actually the colour blue (the sky), I took my time, and finished my first painting!


The best way of learning new tricks and hobbies is learning them off the Internet. You will never know what they teach you.

How I felt and what I did

I was very anxious when I did it. Every row of paint was like dots of enemies to defeat and had to add on tiny details to make it realistic. My first one wasn’t really realistic instead it was different blobs of colour overlapping each other. It was fine! (I still don’t really like it) I made my room chaotic, paint was all over the place. I had to clean my room for two whole days!

Thank you for reading!