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Victoriana comes to life for Year 6

Published on 17/01/19

Year 6 pupils got the chance to delve into Victorian culture with lecturer Dr Victoria Mills.

What a treat was in store for Year 6 on the afternoon of Monday 14 January when Dr Victoria Mills, a lecturer in Victorian literature and culture, brought a number of Victorian artefacts to the Junior School for the pupils to examine.

The session began with Dr Mills talking about her favourite Victorian authors, how Victorians used to decorate their rooms and how they loved to collect many different items. So too, it appears, do Year 6 pupils; from the very Victorian shells and buttons, to the more modern Warhammer models. And, did you know that there is a beach on the Scilly Isles that used to be a Victorian rubbish dump? It now provides a wonderful location to beach comb for Victoriana.

However, the main focus of Dr Mills’ visit was to give Year 6 pupils the opportunity to scrutinise some real Victorian objects. Whilst doing so they were thinking about what questions would help them to thoroughly investigate each item and determine what its purpose might be.

A couple of items had Year 6 rather confused. Was one a garlic press or maybe a spice crusher? No, it was an iron candle snuffer. And was the beautiful wooden box designed to keep valuable jewels safe from thieves? No, not jewels but tea!

The other exciting artefacts ranged from a device for doing up buttons on boots, to a slide projector and a stereoscope for looking at 3D pictures from around the world.

It was a thought-provoking and stimulating session and we are extremely grateful to Dr Mills for her time.

'I really liked the interactive aspect of the session.' Chinmayee

'It was amazing to handle actual Victorian items.' Justin

'It was so interesting to find out about the different artefacts.' Analena

'I enjoyed asking questions about the artefacts.' Noah

Year 6 pupils learn about Victorian artefacts

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