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Meet Jeff- 6A's worry monster

Published on 16/10/19

Written by Emily.

In year six, recently we named our worry monster. In a democratic manner we voted for a name for our monster. In 6A, we voted for the name Jeff.

What is a worry monster? A worry monster is a fluffy teddy whose mouth opens and closes with a zip. 

What is the aim of the worry monster? The aim of the worry monster is to make children be comfortable with sharing their worries with their teacher.

How does it work? How it works is that the pupils write down what they are worried about on a slip of paper, and a few days later, the teacher will check if there is anything in the mouth that a pupil wants to talk about.

What is the worry monsters appearance? The worry monster comes in two different colours. In 6A, the worry monster is a vibrant shade of amethyst on top of a bold lime. In 6Alpha a shade of salamander on a sweeter shade of carlina. 

Why does the school have worry monsters? The school has worry monsters because sometimes you feel like you can't talk to the teachers about your worries. 

What do you think of our worry monsters? Do you think that the worry monsters are helpful?