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Year 5 learn about the law by a visit from a local magistrate

Published on 13/11/19

Children in Year 5 where treated to a visit by local magistrate (and parent) Mrs Sarah Rumsby as part of their work on Crime and Punishment this term.

Mrs Rumsby spoke about the workings of a magistrate's court, and how such  a court fits into our legal system in the United Kingdom. She spoke about  the different roles people had in her court and how  punishments were decided by teams of magistrates such as her.  Children in 5P and 5W were then able to take part in a role playing trial, where our sitting magistrates decided on the penalty for a defendant who had pleaded guilty to a charge of speeding.

Our thanks to Mrs Rumsby for her hugely informative session and to the children in Year 5 for taking part  with such maturity and enthusiasm.