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Small change, big difference

Published on 14/11/19

How Malala made a big impact:

Malala is a example of a small change, big difference. She stood up for girls rights even though she was young. She got shot in the head by the Taliban, for what she believed in. We have learned about Malala in our Religious Studies and English lessons while reading her book that explains what she did.

How we can do it too!

We can all make a big difference by cleaning up after ourselves and helping the environment along with everyone else too. We all are making small changes which can end up to become huge. We can recycle, use our legs more than cars, and help with all the environmental issues that have overcome our community. Everything we do can have a massive impact on ALL of us! If we can help others we are already helping ourselves. Donating things to charities or even small things like putting rubbish in the bin or playing with the one person who gets left out of  every game, can make a HUGE difference! You can think outside the box or in the center of it, but everything you do can go on to save millions or make the next sports car. Even a time machine. Just don’t stop believing in what could happen. It just might.

Why do we learn about this in school?

We learn about this at school because when we grow up we are more likely to do something. We will not just stand there. We will, mark my words, make a difference. Also we will encourage others to follow our path. In our generation we have no choice but to solve this, otherwise it might be to late for second chances.

A Small Change, Big Difference.

We learn about this in all our subjects. From music to humanities, we study this in explicit detail. I think the teachers chose this as our year six topic because it has a range of different things to unpack and stuff into our brains. I find it really interesting because it is part of everything! We all can find this in all skills and interests.

By Dasha and Emily.