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Remembrance: The Great War

Published on 12/11/19

By Kevin

The days when war broke out,

When nobody dared to shout.

Children were separated from friends,

Where no one could make any amends.

Soldiers died from gas,

When they couldn’t fit their clumsy masks.

Guns were roaring, with devastating hits,

Even the prime minister admits,

That nothing was worse than this.

Machine guns blew away the fields,

Hitting the victim that cannot be healed.

As poison gas hit the ground,

Where the soldier had drowned.

When the air was exploding with planes,

Where pilots faced the dreadful pain.

The sea with powerful bombs,

Where nobody could be calm.

And to those who died and those who cried,

We will always remember them in our mind.

And till this day, we may,

Always do Remembrance Day