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Book recommendations for mystery book readers

Published on 14/10/19

By Tamar

Hello bookworms and welcome to my book blog today I will be suggesting some of the best mystery books I have read. 


Murder most unladylike series

This series is about two girls daisy wells and hazel wong solving murder mysteries at there boarding school deepdean. The series starts off with hazel who is writing in her case book talking about how she has just found the dead body of their science teacher Miss Bell. The whole series on the whole is amazing it is fun because it is not from the point of view as the character who is not jumping there way into the spotlight. In particular my favourite book in this series is a spoonful of murder as hazel is finally in the spotlight which you feel she deserves. Side note: if you are younger reader then you might not understand everything in this book series.

Poppy Pym series 

This book series is about a girl called poppy tomato pym who was pulled out of a magicians hat as a baby. Each book is a different term and it is fun to read them. I would recommend these books for younger years but I found them fun to read as well. My favourite book is probably the first as it's fun to learn the characters 

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

The Harry Potter series is probably one of the most famous book series in the world. I think that most people know the basic storyline of this series but if you are thinking of reading the marathon of this series then here are a few tips: if you are a late night reader then this is not a book to read at bedtime. I would also suggest that you have another book on the go as well. Another tip is don't expect to whizz through this series and also one thing that is essential READ THEM IN ORDER AND DON'T SKIP THROUGH THE CHAPTERS. 

This series is good for all ages but if you are two or younger then maybe read them with an adult.

So that where my mystery book recommendations, until next time bookworms.