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My passion

Published on 07/01/22

Hi everyone! Today I am going to share my passion with you!

I love reading because it takes away all my worries of the day and for a while, I am a carefree, joyful work. Another reason I enjoy reading is because it can teleport me to many different places with interesting people. My favourite series is Harry Potter because it took me to a place full of magic and excitement.

I have been reading since I was in kindergarten. A lot of the time my parents read to me, but my favourite was just reading by myself. Although when I was small, I didn't understand a lot of words but then I taught myself to look at the sentences in front of and behind the word and I could sometimes guess the meaning of the word on my own. This is why my passion is reading, I hope you enjoyed reading my post!

5 reasons why I love reading

  1. It makes me relax and forget all my troubles
  2. It takes me away to a different world where I meet unique people!
  3. I can learn a lot of interesting facts through reading.
  4. It improves my English and grammar.
  5. It helps with my imagination.