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Molly The Dog

Published on 25/01/22

Hi, I am Molly, joão-Lucas dog and a few weeks ago on November the 10 it was my birthday.


Before I lived in joao Lucas family I lived with a Japanese couple who wanted to take me to Japan but they couldn’t because of the form and they were also not very nice. So that’s when I joined joao Lucas family I was only 5 months and unfortunately I don’t have a picture in that time that’s also how old I was when I joined that family and joao Luca was only a toddler and so after all the years we both got older and now look at us.

Life is good in this family - whoops I forgot to tell you so important! I am a foodaholic each day I wait for that one moment to have dinner! Anyway, let’s get back to where we were shall we? This picture up here I am now 7, I was in Cornwall it was amazing because I have never seen the sea before. I had so much fun, but I got to tell you I was a bit scared of the waves. Anyway, this is me right now.

This is me now I am a lazy grump but my days are still wonderful. Joao Luca always gives me cuddles and I play with my ball with him. But I don’t understand as when we get older we always get so tired but I still try fit In with the family. But anyway that’s it from me bye woof.