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What I’m passionate about

Published on 25/01/22

I am passionate about my drawings and I draw everything I draw.

I usually know what it will turn out to be. My drawings consist of perspective, detail and how to change it if it goes wrong. Everything I draw is always different to the next in some way. Some are real-life creatures, some are fantasy or from fictional movies. Here are some pictures of my drawings.

The reason I did this drawing is because it was my dad’s birthday. It is a treat that I could do for his 48th birthday and my dad absolutely loved it. 

I decided to draw this at school while my friend was doing a much bigger project. I decided to do some Minecraft mobs such as the enderman, zombie, villager and a few more. 

I decide to draw this because me and my friends decided to do some mobs from Minecraft and I got the villager, zombie villager and iron golem these are difficult to draw.