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Published on 25/01/22


I'm Hasan and I like cars. 

In lockdown I made a car out of lego It is the Porsche 911 

It took me 1 month to build. I did it with my dad In lockdown. Before I could make it I had to learn about the parts and how they worked. 

I did half an hour every day and kept taking videos of the progress I made. One time we thought we lost a piece and panicked a tiny bit so we contacted Lego and they sent us another piece but towards the end we found the piece. 

When I finished it, the steering wheel worked, the door worked and it moved and I was so happy. 

I built a 6 cylinder with a fan attached and it works by using the battery's plastic model engine of a car called Porsche 911. 

When I was in lockdown February 2021 and had nothing to do I built the engine. I love to watch a car garage program with my dad that fixes old antique cars. 

It took me 2 days to make 

The instructions weren't very good so I watched a video of someone else making it the lights were not working which was a shame but other than that It was fine. There were no AA batteries so I just triple a battery and some foil and it worked 1 good tip if you have small batteries and you need bigger ones just fill the gap with foil

2 good tips if you don't like the instructions watch a video 3 good tips keep all the different parts in 1 place. 

Hope you enjoyed 

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