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Uncovering the UN

Published on 25/01/22

What is the UN?

What is the UN?

Do you know what the UN is? Well if you don’t, this is what it is, The UN is an organisation which helps people keep peace. It started on the 24 of October 1945 after the 2 world wars to begin with it had 51 countries in it, but now 193 countries are in it. The UN has a leader called a Secretary General, the UN votes for the Secretary General. They vote by each country who is part of the UN choosing a representative who does the voting. The UN started when the League of Nations failed to stop the Second World War. 


 Image from pixabay  

Also the UN invented some sustainable development goals which we 

should try to achieve by 2030, the goals are trying to achieve social progress, economic development, environmental issues and help improve the life of the less fortunate people.

One of the many goals is goal 16 which stands for peace justice and strong institution, this is important because without it child trafficing, burglary and murder might happen. Also if there is no peace, wars might happen which will lead to problems in society.

In year 6 at the Stephen Perse Foundation what we have been learning about links to the goal 16 because if we don't have peace, justice and strong institutions conflict will happen and we are learning about conflict.

Here is a list of things you can do to help achieve goal 16:

  • voting for someone who will help

  • Making your voice heard

  • Talk about goal 16

By Ellie M