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Things I Already Do & Will Do To Help The Environment

Published on 02/03/22

Things I Do to help the environment, by Ellie.

I try to reuse plastic bottles 

Mainly I use them in cool crafts for my kitten, or I use them as planters.

I turn off the taps when I don’t need them. 

When I brush my teeth I turn off the tap, when I’m putting soap in my hair I turn the shower off.

I only buy clothing if I have to 

If you only buy clothes when you have to, it means less fabric waste.

I do more stuff digitally 

I won’t waste paper doing things digitally.

Will do

I will remember to turn off my computer

I will remember to recycle things that need to be recycled

I will remember to not waste paper (as in reuse paper that can be reused)