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Junior School Fitzwilliam Building - Year 2 Visit the Fitzwilliam Museum

Published on 07/04/22

Last term, 2A enjoyed a wonderful visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum as part of their 'Paint me a Picture' theme. 

IJunior School Fitzwilliam Building Year 2 visit to the Fitzwilliam Buildingn the guided art workshop, the children had an opportunity to look closely at paintings from the past and discussed the composition and meaning of the art, including explorations of the subjects, how their clothing reflected who they were to how they stood and the meaning portrayed. They learned about abstract art and were fascinated by how artistic ideas could be captured and interpreted in so many different ways. 

However, the highlight was learning about the work of Picasso and studying his Cubist Head painting. The children loved being artists in residence at the Fitzwilliam sketching portraits of each other in Cubist style just like the famous artist himself!