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Dame Bradbury's Year 6 Visit Burghley House

Published on 21/06/22

Dame Bradbury’s Year 6 visited Burghley House to experience Tudor life.

Burghley House is one of the largest and grandest surviving houses of the sixteenth century and a magnificent example of the great Elizabethan ‘prodigy’ houses. Conceived by William Cecil, Lord High Treasurer to Queen Elizabeth I, between 1555 and 1587, Burghley is a testament to the ambition and vision of the most powerful courtier of the first Elizabethan age.

The pupils were able go back in time to meet Henry VIII and hear his life story alongside asking him questions. The pupils found out that he liked to play football which involved one village playing against another village and there were no rules. In Tudor times people died playing this game.

Year 6 experienced and looked at Tudor food and were surprised that rich people ate boar while poor people ate pottage. It was surprising that beer was the drink of choice for everyone because the water could be poisoned.

The pupils saw both the Queen’s bed and a Princess’s bed and were surprised at the size of them. The Princess had to be in a room next to the Queen so she slept in the ladies room.

The pupils played some Tudor games including Execution and Lord Nut - get them to show you sometime. A great trip learning in context. Pupils thanked Henry VIII for our school being 500 this year, he was very proud of us!