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Reflection and Remembrance

Published on 17/11/22

On Thursday 10 November, Year 6 from Junior School Fitzwilliam Building went to Latham Road for a morning of reflection and remembrance.

Year 6 listened as Mrs Rogers, our Librarian, read Michael Foreman’s War Game, a book set in WWI. Pupils contemplated what life was like for soldiers at that time. 

Xiaowei said: “I liked reading the book as it reminded me how hard life was for soldiers.” 

Then they listened to the last post and held a two minutes’ silence. 

Following this they got into groups and were asked to create a piece of natural art as an act of remembrance. They were wonderfully creative and respectful. 

Amelia said: “I enjoyed being creative and giving people a chance to reflect on war by looking at our art.”

Izzi commented that it was great to include our Learning Habit (collaboration) and some elements from our Thinking Toolkit (Creative Thinking) when completing the activity.