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Year 10 Trip to the University of East Anglia - Productivity East

Published on 23/01/23

Year 10 Design Engineering ventured out on an exploratory trip to the University of East Anglia in Norwich where they visited the Sainsbury Centre, on the UEA campus, and the engineering department: Productivity East.

Year 10 trip to UEA - Productivity EastGCSE 3D Design students used the opportunity to gather inspiration from the Rhythm and Geometry exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre. This display was drawn from the Sainsbury Centre collection, Rhythm and Geometry: Constructivist art in Britain since 1951, it celebrated the abstract and constructed art made and exhibited in Britain since 1951 and consisted of approximately 120 objects across sculpture, reliefs, mobiles, painting, drawing and printmaking. Students also got to explore other exhibits within the collections in the rest of the museum.

GCSE Design & Technology students got the opportunity to explore the UEA campus and took an interactive tour around the engineering department. Students were able to learn about the Productivity East innovative projects and get hands on with equipment. Some of the highlights included seeing 3D scanners in action - taking 3D maps of their faces and then transferring this data into files which could be 3D printed or 3D milled. Students also got to use their own device to connect via Bluetooth to small robots and play a game of 4 way football - directing the robots to capture the ball and drive towards the goals.