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Year 8 Production ‘The Wardrobe’

Published on 18/09/23

Helene Barrell, Head of Drama, tells us about the Year 8 Production ‘The Wardrobe’.

The Memory of the world is not a bright, shining crystal, but a heap of broken fragments, a few fine flashes of light that break through the darkness. Herbert Butterfield

Sam Holcroft’s play ‘The Wardrobe’ invites the audience to imagine what sights and sounds a Tudor wardrobe might have witnessed across the centuries. In each stand-alone scene, which takes place either in or around the wardrobe, we see little snippets of ordinary people’s lives through the ages, sharing in their loves, their losses and their fears. Connecting the different periods in history are the mysterious cloaked ‘Stitchers’, weaving the fabric of time.

Our fabulous Year 8 cast took on some challenging themes in this thought-provoking play and worked hard throughout a very busy term to bring their various characters to life. Many of them took on more than one role and had to adapt to different time periods or locations. The production included some brand new scenes written for the cast by director Deborah Foote and she also incorporated scenes in Mandarin and Spanish which were translated by some of our bilingual performers. Choreography for The Stitchers was created by Sophia A (Year 8) along with older sister Abigail A (Year 10) and other members of the cast.

Designing and making the set, lighting, costumes and props for this show provided a real challenge for the creative team! The results, as you will see in the photos, are pretty stunning. The Drama department would like to thank all of the staff and students who helped to make this production such a success.

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